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Welcome to PRIVIBUY

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About Us

Founded in 2015, our company is a diversified enterprise integrating customized procurement services, Cross-border trade services, and logistics and warehousing services. To date, our company has served more than 2,0000 cross-border  e-commerce companies and more than 500 channel vendors.

PRIVIBUY is our platform for providing customized one-stop procurement services for small and medium-sized channel merchants. We dedicated to become a bridge for global distributors to directly purchase supplies from Chinese factories.

In PRIVIBUY, small and medium-sized distributors will have the same purchasing privileges as large distributors : original source of goods, excellent quality, reasonable price, and fast logistics. You can purchase products on our platform (website or showroom), or submit customized procurement requirements, we will find the most matching and cost-effective source for you. We also provide the shipping service from production place to Europe, Africa and middle East.

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Our Core Service: One-Stop Sourcing

One-Stop Sourcing is our most comprehensive service in terms of Sourcing, Project management & Risk management. 

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Shortlisting a supplier may be your primary objective, but without quality control and import cost management systems in place at the outset, your project will face many challenges, and your import success could be placed in jeopardy. You could lose precious time, money and most importantly brand reputation.

So we designed our One-Stop Sourcing Service to help guide, counsel, and protect you in these areas. It’s our most complete, all-encompassing Sourcing QC & Project Management service. It takes you systematically from sourcing a supplier all the way through to managing customs clearance and logistics – and addresses all the critical points in the process.

With more than 10 years of Combined sourcing & supply chain management experience we help our clients not only source products, but help them generate cost savings in several ways such as reduced sourcing product costs, reduced returns, early detection of QC issues, time saving as a result of not having to manage suppliers on day to day basis, savings through consolidation of goods and reduced logistics costs.

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Our Core Service Advantage

We can better control all stages of the manufacturing cycle, resulting in a smoother, stress-free experience for you. Its advantage includes:

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01. Sourcing Suppliers:

We source using a wide variety of resources available to our team including our existing database, relationship factories across industries and other channels. We also aim to get the best possible pricing by working with ground level factories that have more competitive prices than suppliers on online platforms many of whom are traders claiming to be factories.

02. Due-Diligence:

In order to help you identify suppliers more quickly, we have developed a comprehensive due diligence plan to ensure the best quality, regulatory complied and at the lowest cost.

03. Negotiations:

We have a Chinese negotiation team with more than 10 years of combined negotiation experience which in most cases allows us to dig factories not easy to find online but more importantly negotiate better terms for pricing, payment terms, trade terms & AQL Levels.

04. Inspections:

The inspection for your goods at the factory by a qualified QC Inspector is included in the One-Stop Sourcing Service without any additional costs. Additional inspections can be added as required.

05. Price Verification:

If you opt to use the One-Stop Sourcing Service with your own nominated supplier, we can do a market scan to verify if the prices you are getting are consistent with the going market prices for your product and see if we can cut pricing on your existing products so you can get an ROI on the service straight away. We can also carry out the same due-diligence on any supplier you nominate.

06. Ensuring Compliance:

We check the various certifications requested by you from the supplier to ensure that they have relevant & "Genuine" certifications for your country. For e.g. verification of CE, ROHS, CSA and other certifications.

07. Chinese Contracts:

We sign contracts with the suppliers to ensure various QC clauses are added and there is a clear mechanism for dispute resolution. Being based in China we can also pursue these contracts if things go wrong.

08. Logistics:

We can help manage Air freight & Sea freight (LCL & FCL) right to your door in Europe,Africa and the Middle East including any Amazon FBA Warehouse. We also have some of the best rates for Air courier to any address in  Europe,Africa and the Middle East.

09. Managing Payments:

We manage the payments so that cost savings can be achieved (for e.g. when paying multiple suppliers) & risks can be managed (i.e. instant payment to suppliers after inspection of goods, so possession of goods can be taken avoiding the risk of “swapping” of goods post inspection).

10. Dispute Management:

Managing any disputes with the supplier, especially common issues like getting suppliers to re-work goods once a pre-shipment inspection has failed or if a supplier refuses to comply with contract terms.

11. Product Evolution:

With most of our clients we act as a strategic partner, i.e. their China office and our relationship continues post shipment, as the clients send us feedback to help evolve the product over time, based on the reviews and feedback they get from their customers. We work with factories to make improvements to the product as well as continue to find back-up factories where required in order to ensure stable supply and competitive pricing as our clients grow.

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Already have a supplier?

Met a supplier at a Trade Show or via a B2B Portal? No problem, you can still get all the benefits of the One-Stop Sourcing Service, as a lot of our clients nominate their own supplier and leverage and expertise and resources on the ground to ensure their best interests are represented on the ground in China.

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