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PRIVIBUY provides customized one-stop procurement service for small and medium-sized distributors. You can purchase products on our platform (website or showroom),or submit customized procurement requirements, we will find the most matching cost-effective source for you. We also provide you with logistics services from place of origin to Europe,Africa and the Middle East.

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Surprising Services From PRIVIBUY

To purchase from China can be a hassle, but we can smooth the whole process for you.

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We provide free consult on import, export, shipping


We find the most qualified suppliers based on your requirements.


We help you to get better prices when dealing with the suppliers.

Factory Audit

We check and evaluate the supplier's reliability and legitimacy.


We will make sure products meet all requirements before shipping.


We handle the warehousing and track your order during the whole process.


By air or sea we help you to get the best shipping solution.

Customs Clearance

We manage customs clearance in China and Germany.

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Why Choose Us For Your Sourcing Agent?

We Know Buying From China!

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Working with us easy

We put the “service” in customer service,focusing on serving online sellers, small and medium-sized business.
We provide different options of Product procurement and more logistic solutions for shipments in smaller quantity.

All in one

We designed our One-Stop Sourcing Service to help guide, counsel, and protect you in these areas. It’s our most complete, all-encompassing Sourcing QC & Project Management service. It takes you systematically from sourcing a supplier all the way through to managing customs clearance and logistics–and addresses all the critical points in the process.

Focus on your strengths

When you use our One-Stop Sourcing Service, you can focus your efforts on scaling your business using your core expertise and leave your sourcing, QC & supply chain management, our core expertise, to us.

Save time and money

When you use our One-Stop Sourcing Service, you don’t just save time, but you also save money. By cost optimizing for every link, by using our bulk discount to get the best prices, and thanks to our bilingual Chinese sourcing team that are tough negotiators, you will see your processes and costs optimized to find the best combination of price & value.

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Who Is This Service For?

You can import from China on your own, but if you want to make it easy and only sell the best products, we are ready here to help you succeed!

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Online Sellers

Woman on Computer

If you want to import from China directly but don't want to deal with these complex process such as product sourcing, quality control, shipping, etc. PRIVIBUY will help you to fix the above problems, even you are a newbie of importing.


Sync Up

Whether you want to import established products from China or struggle to build your own brand , this service will be like having a trustworthy local partner, who can assist you with product choose and design, and take you through the entire process in China.

Brand Customers

Law Firm

If you have already imported from China, but you have a varied product line which not easy to manage multiple suppliers, then we can act as your purchasing office in China. Our service takes the stress out of your importing from China.

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We provide two ways of purchasing:

Purchase exhibition products and customize sourcing products

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Purchase exhibition products

Amazing Products We Sourced:all our products have been carefully selected, and each product has been strictly evaluated by professionals to ensure the superiority of quality and performance.

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Customize sourcing products

As one of the China’s leading sourcing solution company,

we help you find correct factories, get competitive prices, follow up production,

ensure the best quality, regulatory complied and at the lowest cost.

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Fill in the below and we will reply you by email within one working day, if you have not received that, please check your Spam box. Welcome contact us by WhatsApp: +49(0)17658912478

Do you need our one-stop sourcing service?
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How Do Clients Say About Us ?

Reliable Sourcing Agent is The Key Point of Success in Importing from China.

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Payton Hillman

"As a importer,I have been to many wholesale markets in China, also buying from alibaba directly by myself, but so many problem of communication, we wasted time and money. As the local Chinese sourcing agent, PRIVIBUY provides professional work to optimize processes and costs.Their responsibility is even beyond my expectations of the best manufacturers. I will place more orders, it’s so easy to working with them."

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